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Looking for Pipe Relining? Experience the Unparalleled Benefits of Pipe Relining in Burwood with Sewer Surgeon. No Digging and Minimal Disruption. Permanent, Watertight, and Eco-Friendly Repairs.

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Want To Repair Your Pipes Without A High Cost? We Are Pipe Relining Specialist In Burwood

As the pipe relining community grows, choosing a relining company that offers the very best solutions is crucial. At Sewer Surgeon, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality pipe relining services in Burwood near you. Our trenchless pipe technology is backed by a remarkable 50-year life expectancy, giving you long-lasting results and peace of mind.

Gone are the days of costly excavations that damage your beautiful garden, driveway, or pavers. With our innovative no-dig trenchless pipe repair technique, we can renew old pipes by relining the internal walls of your existing drains. This process eliminates the need for extensive excavation, saving you time, money, and the hassle of disruptions.

While pipe relining is relatively new to Australia, it has been tried and tested overseas for years. Not only do we offer exceptional products, but we have also invested in training and state-of-the-art trucks designed explicitly for pipe relining in Burwood. Our team is equipped to handle all aspects of pipe relining solutions for sewer repairs, providing comprehensive and efficient service.

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When you choose our professional pipe relining services, you'll enjoy many benefits. The process is quick, easy, and minimally disruptive. Our environmentally friendly resin cures provide a permanent, watertight repair. It is non-flammable, non-hazardous, and odourless. Pipe relining is suitable for use in confined spaces, and the new pipelining results in a maximum loss of only 0.06% of the pipe diameter. Moreover, the new pipelining is resistant to chemicals and allows CCTV inspection equipment to pass through the pipeline for future maintenance.

Experience the advantage of our 50-year warranty, ensuring your pipes remain in excellent condition for decades. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quotation and discover how our pipe relining specialists in Burwood can provide cost-effective solutions to repair your pipes without compromising quality.

Is Pipe Relining Worth the Investment?

When it comes to pipe repair, pipe relining is often a superior choice compared to complete replacement. However, it's crucial to consider the extent of the pipe damage before deciding. Seeking professional assessment is key to determining whether pipe relining is a viable solution. In cases of severe damage, pipe replacement may be necessary.

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In terms of cost, pipe relining proves to be a more budget-friendly option. On average, relining jobs are approximately 20% cheaper than excavation and complete drain replacement. Additionally, one of the significant advantages of pipe relining is its convenience.

While pipe relining offers numerous benefits, consulting with the pipe relining expert near you in Burwood who can evaluate your situation is crucial.

Pipe Relining Vs. Pipe Replacement

In the past, repairing or replacing broken pipes meant digging trenches and causing significant disruption to your property. However, thanks to advancements in technology, trenchless pipe relining has emerged as a convenient alternative. But how do you decide between traditional pipe replacement and the innovative pipe relining method? Consider the following factors:

Cost: In most cases, traditional dig and replace methods are far more expensive than trenchless pipe relining. This cost difference makes relining a more affordable option for homeowners.

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Time Efficiency: Pipe relining significantly reduces the time required to restore your drainage system. If time is of the essence, choosing pipe relining ensures a faster resolution to your pipe issues.
Location: If the affected area is located under your house, driveway, or any concreted/tiled surface, pipe relining is the preferred choice. It eliminates the need for disruptive excavation, preserving the integrity of your landscape.
Extent of Damage: If your pipe has experienced severe backfall or collapse beyond repair, pipe replacement may be necessary. In such cases, relining might not be a viable option, and complete pipe replacement becomes the more suitable solution.

By considering these factors and consulting with pipe relining experts at Burwood, like Sewer Surgeon, you can make an informed decision regarding your specific situation. We specialize in both pipe replacement and pipe relining, ensuring that we provide the most suitable solution for your needs.

Pipe Relining Process

Pipe relining is becoming a popular method for repairing broken or blocked drains because it is cost-effective and more efficient than other known traditional methods.  As the experts in “no dig” sewage pipe relining and sewer repair, we have broken down the process of pipe relining in Sydney.

Why Choose Sewer Surgeon For Pipe Relining In Burwood?

Welcome to Sewer Surgeon! We are leading sewer pipe relining specialists in Sydney offering high-quality service with up to a 50-year warranty on our pipe relining services.


As experts in sewer pipe relining services, we can replace your pipelines without the excess costs of having to dig them up and replace the existing pipelines. Relined pipes have a minimum life expectancy of 50 years.


Cracks, leaks, and dislodgments often occur at pipe junctions where two separate pipes connect. We can repair underground junctions, saving you money on property restoration, especially if the junction is hidden under landscaping or concrete.


Our pipe-relining eastern suburbs experts can cut or ‘reinstate’ the junctions using robotic, branch line, and air-powered cutters. Our advanced robotic cutting technology is performed by our highly skilled technicians that can precisely reinstall junctions.


In most cases, a damaged pipe is only a section. The earth or foundations shifting around the pipe can cause a crack. The last thing you want to do when your drain pipeline breaks is to dig it all up to fix it. Pipe patching comes in handy here.


There are numerous causes of blocked drains, but they all end up with the same result: a drain that does not allow water to flow freely. If you hear gurgling noises, an awful smell, or slow draining, you probably have a blocked drain. Contact us for drain relining in Sydney.


For a first-timer, a blocked drain is difficult to comprehend. Most sewer and stormwater pipes are underground. A CCTV drain inspection is used by our qualified plumbers to provide us with information before planning for future work.

Benefits Of Pipe Relining In Sydney

Saves Money

Saves Money

Traditional dig-and-replace methods are not cheap. The expense to excavate and remove concrete in driveways, basement floors and sidewalks can make repairing your sewer line a nightmare. The cost you pay to reline your sewer pipe, or for cured-in-place pipe restoration, is significantly less than traditional methods, as the labour involved is significantly reduced.

Saves Time

Saves Time

Technicians at Sewer Surgeon are experts in speedy and effective pipe relining in eastern suburbs. We know exactly what to do to get the job done as quickly as possible. In fact, depending on the project, we could complete a whole drainage reline in less than a day!

Less Intrusive

Less Intrusive

Traditional pipe repair and replacement require extensive digging, sometimes even into your garden or property. Cleaning up after the job is also costly and time-consuming. Trenchless pipe relining avoids property damage and saves money. The process is quick and easy, and there is no need to dig, so there is minimal disruption.

Extends The Life Of Your Pipes

Extends The Life Of Your Pipes

Pipe relining is extremely durable. When you opt for sewer pipe relining, the old pipe is not removed but is instead relined with a heavy-duty material. When all’s said and done, you now have a new pipe within the existing pipe.

Environmental Friendly

Environmental Friendly

Our pipe relining in eastern suburbs can repair your pipe without risky chemicals, and the resin that the lining is made out of is also friendly to the environment. Since there is little excavation required, there is much less waste. After completing the job, there is no need to discard piping, concrete, or other waste into landfills.



There is not much to worry about when you go with pipe relining over pipe replacement. Relining will not affect the performance of your sewer line, but adds another 50 years to their lifespan, meaning you should not have any problems with your pipes for a long time.

We Are Specialised In Resolving Plumbing Problems In Burwood

Sewer Surgeon's certified plumbers have years of experience providing comprehensive plumbing services in Burwood, Sydney. So, if you require plumbing services or emergency plumbing service, just call us, and your local Burwood plumber near me will knock at your door.


Roof Repair

Seeking expert roof repairs in Sydney? Sewer Surgeon offers professional roofing services with 63 years of experience. Our licensed specialists deliver reliable, cost-effective solutions using cutting-edge technology. Contact us for competitive pricing and on-time service, available 24/7.

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Pipe Relining

Pipe Relining

We specialise in trenchless pipe relining and offer efficient solutions for Sydney's drainage problems. Our expert team ensures durable repairs with minimal disruption, saving you time and costs. Contact us today for professional pipe relining services backed by +63 years of experience.

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Blocked Drain

Blocked Drains

strange gurgling noises, it's possible that your drains are blocked. Reach out immidietly.

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Sewer Surgeon swiftly resolves blocked drains, including toilets and overflowing issues. Our methods in Sydney include High-Pressure Jet Blasting, Electric Eels for smaller pipes, chemical treatments for grease and root growth, and effective plunging techniques. Contact us immediately for expert drain unblocking services.

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Drain Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection

Our Drain Camera Inspection utilizes advanced CCTV technology for precise subterranean pipe and sewer analysis. Detecting faults and deterioration allows for accurate diagnosis, planning no-dig repairs or pipe relining, and ensuring efficient resolution of blockages, leaks, and pipe damage.

The same technology enables water and sewer service providers to access subterranean pipes and sewer systems. From 70mm to 3m in diameter, remote access and video streaming to the monitoring station are possible. High-tech cameras can detect pipe faults and deterioration in any condition. This way, we can diagnose the issue and plan for a no-dig pipe repair option or the pipe relining.
A CCTV pipe inspection can find blockages, leaks, and pipe damage that regular cameras can’t reach. Many homeowners and businesses are unaware of concealed pipe issues caused by degradation, incursion, or weather. A CCTV pipe is one of the best instruments for finding and fixing leaks in sewer and water systems.

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Burst Pipe Repair

Burst Pipe Repair

Experiencing a burst pipe? It's a critical plumbing emergency that demands immediate attention to prevent extensive home damage. Detect signs like water build-up or ceiling watermarks. Contact us for expert burst pipe repair services across Sydney. Reach out today for prompt assistance.

Even though it is not easy to detect a burst pipe, water build-up below the sink and in the kitchen or visible watermarks in the ceiling are some clear signs of a water leak coming from a burst pipe.

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General Plumbing

General Plumbing

For all your plumbing needs in Sydney, trust Sewer Surgeon. From hot water systems to burst pipes, our skilled team ensures reliable service. With over 63 years of experience, we guarantee satisfaction and 24/7 emergency support. Call us today!

Here, at Sewer Surgeon, we have a highly qualified and skilled team of plumbers and roofers who pride themselves on the work well done.

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Hot Water System Replacement, Repairs Installation

Hot Water System Replacement, Repairs Installation

Expert hot water system services in Sydney: replacement, repairs, and installations for storage and instantaneous systems. Switch to gas for potential government rebates, or go solar/heat pump for more savings. Contact us for professional installation and repair solutions.

Both systems can be found using gas, electricity, solar or heat pump technology.
If you change from an electric hot water system to a gas hot water system then you may be eligible for government rebates. There are even more generous government rebates if you look to install a solar-powered hot water heater or upgrade to a heat pump system.
Reach out today for our expert hot water system installation and repair services.

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Emergency Plumbing Services

Emergency Plumbing Services

We provide 24/7 emergency plumbing across Sydney, including Ryde, Burwood, Manly, Croydon, Alexandria and more. Sewer Surgeon offers rapid, expert solutions for burst pipes, blocked drains, and water heater issues with skilled, licensed plumbers available anytime, ensuring prompt, competitive service.

At Sewer Surgeon, we offer comprehensive and emergency plumbing repair services for homeowners and business owners throughout Sydney.

From burst pipes to blocked toilet drains to broken water heaters, our highly trained and licensed plumbers are capable of quickly and effectively addressing any plumbing situation at any time of the day.

We understand you can’t predict when a problem will occur so even if it’s in the middle of the night or on a holiday, Sewer Surgeon will gladly assist you with top-quality plumbing services provided at our competitive rates.

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Leaking Taps and Toilet Repair

Leaking Taps And Toilet Repair

Leaking taps and toilets are common household issues. At Sewer Surgeon, our skilled Sydney plumbers quickly repair or replace taps with precision and the right tools. Our fully equipped team ensures efficient, hassle-free service. Contact us for all your emergency plumbing needs in Sydney.

pressure may compromise the seals on your tap.Water will get through if it is not tight enough, causing dripping.

Contact Sewer Surgeon; and we will assist you in resolving any plubling problem.

Our qualified and skilled Sydney plumbers will promptly repair the leaky tap using the necessary tools. If you opt to replace it rather than fix it,  can help replace any kind of tap.

Our plumbers arrive in fully equipped utes, ready to tackle any job.

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Gas Fitting

Gas Fitting

Hire certified experts for safe and reliable gas fitting services, including repairs, appliance installations, and gas line maintenance. Ensure your home’s comfort and safety with our experienced team. Contact us for top-notch gas fitting solutions.

A certified gas plumber is proficient in repairing natural gas lines, installing gas appliances, and running gas lines for equipment like furnaces and Gas fittign - lioke your hot water system and gas bbq & Gas Heaters systems. Professionals must handle gas fitting to ensure flawless repairs and installations, and comfort and safety of your home.

Reach out for expert gas fitting services.

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Strata Plumber Sydney

Strata Plumber Sydney

Sewer Surgeon offers expert plumbing,  roofing, and renovation services across Sydney. We provide 24/7 emergency support and are trusted by top strata agencies. Contact us for reliable, high-quality solutions with over 63 years of experience.

We are proud to work with some of the leading Strata Agencies in Sydney.

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Construction Plumbing

Construction Plumbing Services

Sewer Surgeon specializes in construction plumbing for small to large-scale unit developments in Sydney. Our team ensures meticulous attention to detail and adheres strictly to safety guidelines for top-notch workmanship.

We provide services for small and large-scale unit complex developments and we are trusted by many developers across Sydney.

We understand that residential unit developments require complex drainage systems, need exceptional attention to detail, and strict safety guidelines. Our team of professional plumbers are experts and are committed to providing second-to-none workmanship on all scales of residential unit sites and commercial construction sites.

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Real Estate Plumbing

Real Estate Plumbing

Sewer Surgeon specializes in Real Estate Plumbing, trusted by leading agencies across Sydney. We offer expert maintenance services, backed by ongoing professional training. With 24/7 emergency availability, we ensure your plumbing needs are promptly met.

Sewer Surgeon has a demonstrated track record in providing maintenance plumbing services to our trusted Real Estate partners.

We invest heavily in our staff’s professional development, with our team members regularly undertaking ongoing training to maintain a high calibre skills. This means when you partner with Sewer Surgeon, you know you are in safe hands.

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Backflow Preventing Testing

Backflow Preventing Testing

Safeguard Sydney's water purity with our expert Backflow Prevention Testing. We install, maintain, and test devices to prevent water contamination, ensuring compliance with Sydney Water regulations.

It prevents water contamination by ensuring water flow is not reversed due to pressure changes.
Sydney Water may require a backflow prevention device if you own or occupy a property. If you have a backflow prevention device installed, it must be tested and maintained regularly (usually annually).

Our backflow plumbers are specially trained to install, maintain, and test backflow prevention devices.

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Rainwater Tanks

Rainwater Tanks

Ensure safe water collection and storage with our expert rainwater tank installations and maintenance services across Sydney. Compliant with Sydney Water regulations, our experienced plumbers guarantee reliable solutions for your rainwater needs.

purposes. This is completely safe but requires a well-installed and maintained water collection and storage system.
Reach out to us to install Rainwater Tanks in your house.

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How long does it typically take for your plumbers to arrive onsite ?

At Sewer Surgeon, we try our best to solve your plumber issues at the earliest. Typically, it takes us less than 2 hours to reach any location within Earlwood for a speedy resolution.  We make sure that as soon as your call or message is received, our team is sent immediately to you.

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Yes, we specialise in providing urgent and emergency plumbing services directly to locals living in Earlwood. We want to help you avoid long term costs by resolving your plumbing issues immediately and successfully. Reach out to us today to have a plumber onsite within 2 hours.

What are your hours of operation in Earlwood?

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it is a public holiday or a weekend, feel free to reach out to us and we will get your plumbing issues resolved in a few hours.

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Call us at 1300 734 677 or fill out the form on our Contact Us Page to report your plumbing issue. We encourage you to call us for emergency plumbing services directly to ensure your issue is resolved immediately and safely.

What is the cost for a plumber in Earlwood?

We offer fair and affordable pricing to all locals living in Earlywood. To enquire about our charges for specific plumbing services, feel free to call us at 1300 734 677 for an initial quote. We offer free call out fees for any job that we start and allow us customers to take advantage of our 0% interest payment plans.

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