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Backflow Prevention Testing in Sydney

Backflow prevention is vital to maintaining Sydney’s drinking water. It prevents water contamination by ensuring water flow is not reversed due to pressure changes.Your local water authority may require a backflow prevention device if you own or occupy a property. If you have a backflow prevention device installed, it must be tested and maintained regularly (usually annually).You must be compliant and protect the community by having your property risk assessed and taking the necessary steps.

Backflow Prevention Testing

understanding the risk

A backflow prevention device or air gap protects a potable water supply from contamination due to back pressure in the water supply pipe. Any property connected to the mains water supply should be risk assessed. The activities on your property can determine this. The risk levels are:

High Risk

Where failure or lack of backflow prevention may result in death

Medium Risk

Where a lack of backflow prevention could endanger health

Low Risk

Where possible failure or absence of backflow prevention causes annoyance but not health or injury

why do you need backflow testing?

Backflow testing is essential to ensure the backflow prevention devices are working properly, as valves are susceptible to impurities in the water supply and component wear and tear. The devices’ seals must be watertight and able to withstand 1500kpa pressure. Devices also contain spring mechanisms that can lose tension over time, causing the valve to fail and defeating its purpose. For this reason, only experienced personnel should test the devices.
Sewer Surgeon has the expertise, qualifications, and equipment to properly test and repair these devices. We work closely with backflow device manufacturers to keep our expertise and knowledge up to date.
The Australian Standard requires annual backflow testing by a qualified backflow plumber, with a maximum of 12 months between tests. In order to comply, test reports must be sent to the appropriate authorities. Backflow plumbers must annually calibrate their backflow device testing equipment to maintain consistency.

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