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Safe And Secure Roofing Services

Safety is our top priority. Construction is a team sport and we strive to ensure that you, your employees and our crews are safe with our site-specific safety plans for each project. We’ve got you covered when it comes to roof repairs in Sydney.

Roofing Service

Our Roofing Service

Providing a range of professional roofing and guttering services at competitive prices.

Roof Repair

Roof Repair and Cleaning Services

Does your roof need a quick maintenance clean or a major tune-up? Do you need roof repairs in Sydney?

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A damaged roof can cause more serious damage to your home.

This is why we provide a complete care, maintenance and/or repair solution to have your roof up to scratch in no time.

Maintaining your roof and ensuring needed Sydney roof repairs is important to keeping your home safe.

Check out more information about our Sydney roof repairs and leaking roof repairs services.

Roof Vent and Skylight

Roof Vent & Skylight

Roof ventilators and skylights are additional features that you add to your roofing systems.

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Many homes in Sydney enjoy the advantages of having skylights and ventilation systems on their roofs.

Skylights can provide extra lighting during the daytime and allow more fresh air in the house.

Skylights must be installed properly to avoid heat build up in summer. Roof ventilation systems keep your roof and attics cooler.

Reach out if you have any questions.

Roof Restoration

Roof Restoration Services

Installing a roof for your home is costly but It is a necessary investment to make your buildings livable and offer a safe haven for the outside weather.

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Many homes in Sydney (and all around the country) require regular mainttanance to help prevent serious damage and costly repairs.

Roof restoration, however, can help restore your roof to its former condition, or close to the structure that it was when it was first installed. Roof restoration is salvaging a structurally sound roof. It is different from a roof replacement, which may be required when roofing systems are beyond repair and pass their structural limits.

Roof restoration services usually include cleaning, repairing and re-polishing. Roof restoration helps extending the lifespan of your roof, all while providing a cheaper, yet efficient and safe option.

Gutter Cleaning and Repair

Gutters and downpipes are essential parts of your roofing system. They not only offer style and function to your homes but also play an important role in protecting your property from rain and harsh weather.

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Unfortunately, downpipes and gutters are considered to be among the most overlooked areas that require regular cleaning and maintenance. Leaks are often caused by neglected, blocked and damaged gutters.

It's recommended to check gutters or have a gutter cleaning service scheduled at least once a month or every other month to check for leaves, debris, pests and other foreign objects.

If you are having roof leaks, check your gutters and downpipes before resorting to a roof restoration or a full roof replacement.

Roof Replacement

Older roof? Extensive damage? You might be in need of a roof replacement. Reroofing may be more cost-effective in the long run depending on the damage, roof age, and more.

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As leading licensed professionals and roofing specialists in Sydney, we can help you understand and identify the signs that indicate that a roof replacement is the best solution for your roofing problems.

Roof Inspection & Assessment

Roof inspectors conduct roof assessment and inspection reports to help in identifying existing roof issues to create proper evaluation, diagnostics and estimates for repairs.

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A thorough roof assessment and inspection is required to identify the source and size of the roofing issue and the extent of the damage it may cause to the property.

We commit to a strategic and step-by-step process for all our roof assessment, tile roof inspection, and other roofing-related services.

We provide a concise, personalised, efficient, and professional inspection and report before going ahead with the solution.



Service: Investigation
Client Name: Beni Travasino
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Beni Travasino

Unbelievable service. The two men were professional, accommodating, explained everything in great detail, went above and beyond. Will definitely recommend for any work to be carried out and will definitely be using them again. I can’t speak highly enough of them and the service they offered.



Service: Flashing
Client Name: Shirin Farsad
Source: Google

Shirin Farsad

Andrew was very professional and efficient. He went out of his way to ensure there were no future leaks or repairs needed. He was punctual and friendly. Highly recommend  him and think he is an asset to your company!



Service: Gutters
Source: Google

Craig provided exceptional gutter cleaning service, arriving on time, inspecting and providing helpful recommendations, and ensuring the gutters looked clean and pristine.



Service: Skylights
Source: Google

I recently had my skylight replaced and was very satisfied with the service provided by Nick. He was professional, efficient, and knowledgeable, and the new skylight looks fantastic.



Service: Flashing
Client Name: Shirin Farsad
Source: Google

Shirin Farsad

Andrew was very professional and efficient. He went out of his way to ensure there were no future leaks or repairs needed. He was punctual and friendly. Highly recommend  him and think he is an asset to your company!



Service: Replacement
Source: Google

Sewer Suurgeon recently replaced my old tile roof with a new Colorbond roof. I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome; the team was efficient, knowledgeable, and provided excellent customer service throughout the process.

Roof Restoration Process

The roof restoration includes several main processes – cleaning, repair, and polishing. However, prior to cleaning, a careful inspection of the current condition of the roof is needed to avoid any other dangers or issues with your roofing system.

How to Properly Install and Maintain Roof Vents and Skylights

Skylights can be used to allow air and light to pour into your rooms without giving away your privacy. It is a great piece that allows you to open your homes in secrecy and enjoy your much-needed ventilation.

The placement of your skylight is one of the most important aspects you should consider prior to installation.

It should be located in an area on your roof where you can enjoy more or less sunlight.

We can easily help homeowners decide where to effectively locate roof ventilators and skylights.

Enjoy the full potential this roofing feature offers by having it professionally installed by our team.

To keep your roof ventilation system and skylights in peak working condition.

You will also need to choose between clear or tinted glazing options.

If your home already has a skylight installed, you need to get it inspected by a  professional regularly.

Call us today to get the best cleaning and maintenance service for your roof ventilators and skylights.

Looking for a local roofing service in Sydney? Call now for roofing service expert!

We believe your roof is more than a roof – it is an essential part of your home and business. We offer the best package of quality, expertise, and professionalism in the roofing industry. We will guide you among the leading roof systems used in Sydney and we install them all while keeping your building watertight. We don’t want our clients to wait for regular business hours just to get their roofing done. We’re here 24/7 for all your roofing emergency needs.

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Whether you have a blocked drain in your house or need roofing services, we have experts for every plumbing job on our team.


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Whether you need our support resolving the issue or want to learn more about avoiding plumbing issues in the future, our team is eager and willing to help.

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Plumber Sydney FAQs

How do I know if my roof needs to be repaired or replaced?

Check out some of the cases when a roof replacement is needed:

  • Roof age
  • Exterior damage beyond repair
  • Mold or fungi impact
  • Rusted roof sheets

How long does it take to install a new roof?

New roof installation can be done within a day. However, it varies! Sometimes, it may take up to 5 days.
Reach out for more information.

How often should I have my roof inspected?

Twice a year.

Is it necessary to have a licenced tradesman install a new roof?

Yes, a licenced tradesman is required to install a new roof as they will ensure that your roof is correctly installed and in compliance with your state's requirements. They also offer a warranty for their services, saving you money and time in the long run. Reach out to our team to find the right approach for your roof.

How long can I expect my new roof to last?

A newly installed roof can last between 25 to 50 years.

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