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Are you looking for a Local Sydney Plumber in North Kellyville or require 24/7 Emergency Plumbing Services? When your plumbing's urgent, call your local North Kellyville Plumber from Sewer Surgeon.

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Find The Best Plumber In North Kellyville

Looking for a local plumber in North Kellyville who is dedicated to delivering exceptional service? Look no further than Sewer Surgeon Plumbers! With a stellar reputation and over 63 years of experience, we are the go-to plumbing choice for Sydney residents. Our commitment to same-day service and unparalleled expertise sets us apart.

At Sewer Surgeon, we are on a mission to redefine the perception of plumbers. Our approach is refreshingly transparent, empty of any misleading sales tactics or hidden charges. Instead, we offer straightforward quotes, streamlined processes, and practical solutions for all your plumbing needs.

We understand that you deserve the best customer service, provided by qualified and friendly professionals who can efficiently resolve your plumbing problems without breaking the bank. We're delighted to have caught your attention if you're after this. Welcome to Sewer Surgeon, where your satisfaction is our priority.

We Are Specialised In Resolving Plumbing Problems In North Kellyville

Sewer Surgeon's certified plumbers have years of experience providing comprehensive plumbing services as local Sydney plumbers. So, if you require plumbing or emergency plumbing services, just call us, and your local North Kellyville plumber near me will knock at your door.


Are you looking for a quality-driven and experienced roofing company for your next project? Look no further because Sewer Surgeon is here to help.

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Pipe Relining

We’re the experts in pipe relining, a method that allows us to replace your pipelines without the excess costs of having to dig them up and replace the existing pipelines.

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Blocked Drains

At Sewer Surgeon we know how to unblock your drain in a single day.

Whether your toilet is blocked or overflowing or you can hear

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strange gurgling noises, it's possible that your drains are blocked. Reach out immidietly.

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Drain Camera Inspection

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera can be used for many purposes, but you are probably most familiar with the technology in security cameras.

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The same technology enables water and sewer service providers to access subterranean pipes and sewer systems. From 70mm to 3m in diameter, remote access and video streaming to the monitoring station are possible. High-tech cameras can detect pipe faults and deterioration in any condition. This way, we can diagnose the issue and plan for a no-dig pipe repair option or the pipe relining.
A CCTV pipe inspection can find blockages, leaks, and pipe damage that regular cameras can’t reach. Many homeowners and businesses are unaware of concealed pipe issues caused by degradation, incursion, or weather. A CCTV pipe is one of the best instruments for finding and fixing leaks in sewer and water systems.

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Burst Pipe Repair

A burst pipe is a major plumbing emergency as it can cause a lot of damage to your home if not tackled immediately.

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Even though it is not easy to detect a burst pipe, water build-up below the sink and in the kitchen or visible watermarks in the ceiling are some clear signs of a water leak coming from a burst pipe.

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General Plumbing

Whether you need help with a hot water system, dripping tap, leaking toilet, or a burst pipe, Sewer Surgeon has you covered.

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Here, at Sewer Surgeon, we have a highly qualified and skilled team of plumbers and roofers who pride themselves on the work well done.

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Hot Water System Replacement, Repairs Installation

Hot water systems in Sydney come in two fundamental designs – a ‘storage hot water system’ and an ‘instantaneous hot water system’ (also known as a continuous flow hot water system).

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Both systems can be found using gas, electricity, solar or heat pump technology.
If you change from an electric hot water system to a gas hot water system then you may be eligible for government rebates. There are even more generous government rebates if you look to install a solar-powered hot water heater or upgrade to a heat pump system.
Reach out today for our expert hot water system installation and repair services.

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Emergency Plumbing Services

We provide a 24-hour emergency plumbing service and cover all of Sydney including areas such as st-james, Ashfield, Haberfield, Ashbury, Burwood Heights, and Concord to name a few.

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At Sewer Surgeon, we offer comprehensive and emergency plumbing repair services for homeowners and business owners throughout Sydney.

From burst pipes to blocked toilet drains to broken water heaters, our highly trained and licensed plumbers are capable of quickly and effectively addressing any plumbing situation at any time of the day.

We understand you can’t predict when a problem will occur so even if it’s in the middle of the night or on a holiday, Sewer Surgeon will gladly assist you with top-quality plumbing services provided at our competitive rates.

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Leaking Taps And Toilet Repair

Almost every family home has leaky taps. Because they are so prevalent, they are usually pretty straightforward to repair. The water that enters your home is under pressure, and this constant

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pressure may compromise the seals on your tap.Water will get through if it is not tight enough, causing dripping.

Contact Sewer Surgeon; and we will assist you in resolving any plubling problem.

Our qualified and skilled Sydney plumbers will promptly repair the leaky tap using the necessary tools. If you opt to replace it rather than fix it,  can help replace any kind of tap.

Our plumbers arrive in fully equipped utes, ready to tackle any job.

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Gas Fitting

If you need gas fitting services in Sydney, it is important to hire professionals with extensive experience in this field.

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A certified gas plumber is proficient in repairing natural gas lines, installing gas appliances, and running gas lines for equipment like furnaces and Gas fittign - lioke your hot water system and gas bbq & Gas Heaters systems. Professionals must handle gas fitting to ensure flawless repairs and installations, and comfort and safety of your home.

Reach out for expert gas fitting services.

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Strata Plumber Sydney

Sewer Surgeon offers high-quality and reliable plumbing, maintenance, roofing and renovation services to customers across the strata sector.

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We are proud to work with some of the leading Strata Agencies in Sydney.

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Construction Plumbing Services

Sewer Surgeon offer a broad range of services in the construction industry, specialising in residential construction plumbing.

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We provide services for small and large-scale unit complex developments and we are trusted by many developers across Sydney.

We understand that residential unit developments require complex drainage systems, need exceptional attention to detail, and strict safety guidelines. Our team of professional plumbers are experts and are committed to providing second-to-none workmanship on all scales of residential unit sites and commercial construction sites.

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Real Estate Plumbing

Sewer Surgeon is proud to work with some of the leading Real Estate Agencies in Sydney.

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Sewer Surgeon has a demonstrated track record in providing maintenance plumbing services to our trusted Real Estate partners.

We invest heavily in our staff’s professional development, with our team members regularly undertaking ongoing training to maintain a high calibre skills. This means when you partner with Sewer Surgeon, you know you are in safe hands.

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Backflow Preventing Testing

Backflow prevention is vital to maintaining Sydney’s drinking water.

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It prevents water contamination by ensuring water flow is not reversed due to pressure changes.
Sydney Water may require a backflow prevention device if you own or occupy a property. If you have a backflow prevention device installed, it must be tested and maintained regularly (usually annually).

Our backflow plumbers are specially trained to install, maintain, and test backflow prevention devices.

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Rainwater Tanks

Many Sydney siders rely on rainwater collected from rooftops and stored in tanks for drinking, cleaning, and a variety of other

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purposes. This is completely safe but requires a well-installed and maintained water collection and storage system.
Reach out to us to install Rainwater Tanks in your house.

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General Plumbing

Client Name: Tandia Terreiro
Source: Google

Tandia Terreiro

Ian came, was polite and professional. He completed works in 4 hours and did a through job. I would highly recommend Sewer Surgeons to anyone requiring plumbing services.

Trusted North Kellyville Local Plumbers Near You

Whenever you hire a Sewer Surgeon plumber, you should be confident that your work will be done with the utmost care. Sewer Surgeon is the plumbing service that North Kellyville residents trust. We have our values as a family-owned & operated business with more than 63 years of combined experience serving Sydney with honesty, transparency, respect and trust.

Need Local Emergency Plumber In North Kellyville?

Experience the difference with our powerful local plumbing emergency response team! Our state-of-the-art tank is always ready to tackle any plumbing crisis. Equipped with the latest tools and materials, our expert plumbers swiftly handle burst pipes, blocked drains, and more. Call us at 1300 734 677 for over-the-phone assistance, saving you time and money. With affordable rates, proper insurance, and transparent pricing, we provide efficient and cost-effective plumbing solutions in North Kellyville. Whether day or night, our dedicated team will address your emergency plumbing needs in North Kellyville, ensuring minimal disruption to your home or office.

Why You Should Hire A Local North Kellyville Plumber

Finding a plumber you can trust is important for any homeowner. When plumbing emergencies strike, you want someone who can respond quickly and resolve the issue efficiently. Local plumbers are in the best position to provide fast, reliable service. They have an established presence in the community and understand the plumbing needs in the area.

A local North Kellyville plumber will be familiar with the age and type of plumbing systems specific to homes in the neighbourhood. Whether it's repairing leaky Tap or unblocking drains, they have the experience to complete the job properly based on the plumbing setup. They also have easy access to any required parts or tools, allowing for faster completion of repairs.

Besides their technical expertise, local plumber offers convenience and accountability. They are located right in the community, so you know help will arrive promptly in an emergency.

And because they rely on referrals and repeat customers from the neighbourhood, they work hard to provide high-quality service. A plumber invested in the community will go the extra mile to ensure an excellent experience, knowing their reputation is at stake.

In contrast, an out-of-town plumber may lack critical knowledge about local plumbing systems and codes. They also have to travel farther in an emergency, resulting in costly delays. And without a presence in the community, an out-of-town plumber has little incentive to satisfy customers or build a loyal client base. For reliable, trustworthy plumbing services, there's no substitute for a plumber located right in your own neighbourhood. Choosing a local North Kellyville plumber near you is the best way to safeguard your plumbing and ensure prompt attention when you need it most to avoid property damage.

Why Choose Us


Upfront and honest pricing keeps you in the loop. When you know what the price will be ahead of time, it makes it easier for you to stick to your budget and get the quality plumbing services you need and can afford.

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Our pricing is affordable and transparent. Reach out for all plumbing services in Sydney.


Everything we do is aimed at providing convenient and reliable services that will keep our customers satisfied and their drainage systems running smoothly. Reach out today for plumbing services in Sydney. Our highly professional and experienced

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team provides excellent plubling services and is able to diagnose and repair some of the most difficult draining issues.

Whether you have a blocked drain in your house or need roofing services, we have experts for every plumbing job on our team.


Our plumbers are licensed and insured, which means our experience is backed by high levels of training and continuing education.
We can diagnose plumbing problems easily and repair effectively which can save money and time.


Our plumbers are armed with our fully equipped utility vehicles, loaded with all the right tools and new technology in the plumbing industry.

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We complete every plumbing job efficiently and fast.


We believe in setting the service standard extremely high. We have an organized system in place to ensure that our team works together to deliver the best results...

at every plumbing job and honoured to earn the trust and loyalty of our customers.

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From the moment you call us to schedule a service to the moment we leave your home, you can expect our team to be cooperative with you.

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Whether you need our support resolving the issue or want to learn more about avoiding plumbing issues in the future, our team is eager and willing to help.

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How long does it typically take for your plumbers to arrive onsite ?

At Sewer Surgeon, we try our best to solve your plumber issues at the earliest. Typically, it takes us less than 2 hours to reach any location within Earlwood for a speedy resolution.  We make sure that as soon as your call or message is received, our team is sent immediately to you.

Do you offer same day services in my area?

Yes, we specialise in providing urgent and emergency plumbing services directly to locals living in Earlwood. We want to help you avoid long term costs by resolving your plumbing issues immediately and successfully. Reach out to us today to have a plumber onsite within 2 hours.

What are your hours of operation in Earlwood?

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether it is a public holiday or a weekend, feel free to reach out to us and we will get your plumbing issues resolved in a few hours.

How can I schedule an appointment with a plumber in Earlwood?

Call us at 1300 734 677 or fill out the form on our Contact Us Page to report your plumbing issue. We encourage you to call us for emergency plumbing services directly to ensure your issue is resolved immediately and safely.

What is the cost for a plumber in Earlwood?

We offer fair and affordable pricing to all locals living in Earlywood. To enquire about our charges for specific plumbing services, feel free to call us at 1300 734 677 for an initial quote. We offer free call out fees for any job that we start and allow us customers to take advantage of our 0% interest payment plans.

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Get all your plumbing issues resolved at affordable rates by our expert team of plumbers.