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24- Hour Emergency Gas Fitting and Repair Services

If you need gas fitting services in Sydney, it is important to hire professionals with extensive experience in this field. A certified gas plumber is proficient in repairing natural gas lines, installing gas appliances, and running gas lines for equipment like furnaces and HVAC systems. No amateur should dabble in this highly specialized area of plumbing. Professionals must handle gas fitting to ensure flawless repairs and installations.

24- Hour Emergency Gas Fitting and Repair Services

What Types Of Services Need A Gas Fitting Specialist?

There are several situations where you should hire a gas plumber for gas fitting services. Call a gas fitter to help you install or repair gas appliances:

Gas Fitter

A gas fitter can help you convert from another energy source to gas. Someone switching from electric to gas heating would be an example.

Gas Fitting

A gas fitter can assist you with problems with your gas cooking appliances. This includes large high-end ranges and small cook tops.

Hot Water Heater

A gas fitter can repair your gas water heater. They can help with issues like not enough heat or too hot water.

Heater Fixing

A gas fitter can help you build a new kitchen and install a new gas line. Your gas fitter will not only install new gas pipes but will also ensure that existing gas connections are installed properly and to code.

$ 1,545

Gas Fitting and Repair Services

Service: Gas Hot Water
Client Name: Nick and Sam!
Source: Google

Nick and Sam!

I recently had Nick and Sam install my new gas hot water system, and I have to say, they were fantastic! They arrived right on time, were super friendly and polite, and got the job done quickly and efficiently. I couldn't be happier with their service and would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of plumbing work. Thanks again,

$ 875.00

Gas Fitting and Repair Services

Service: Gas Leak Detection
Source: Google

Jarrad was awesome! He arrived quickly, found the gas leak, and fixed it in no time. He was also really friendly and explained everything to me. I highly recommend Jarrad for any plumbing or gas work you need done.


Gas Fitting and Repair Services

Service: Gas Repairs
Source: Google

Andrew came out to fix my gas regulator, and he got the job done quickly and efficiently. He was a great bloke and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Andrew and the team at Sewer Surgeon

Maintenance Of Gas Fitting Is Vital!

After several years of use, gas fittings can become loose, corroded, or can fail. Gas fittings are usually made of metal, copper, or stainless steel, but over time, they can corrode and leak. This is common in older homes and factories. Many older homes have outdated gas systems and appliances that put strain on the fittings. Aside from proper installation, the best way to avoid gas leaks from gas fittings is to regularly inspect and maintain them. Any potential risks, damage, or repairs will be identified. This proactive measure could save lives and prevent major property damage.

Common Gas Installation Services

Installing a gas heater, gas cook top or maybe an outdoor BBQ? When it comes to gas do not take any risks, get the experienced team at Sewer Surgeon to help with all your gas needs.Our Gas Fitting & Gas Services include:


Keeping your house warm is an essential part of life. Gas heating is economical and efficient, and gas appliances usually come with excellent energy ratings, meaning they can save your hard earned money. We specialize in all the various types of gas heating available.


Gas stoves and cook tops are probably the most popular to use. Gas provides consistent reliable heat with adjustable temperature settings. We deal with LPG installations for an electric stove replacement with a LPG stove, call our team at Sewer Surgeon to help make this upgrade easy for you.


Cook-tops, ovens, stoves & BBQ conversions from LPG to Natural Gas. Gas Compliance certificate will be provided as required by the gas authority. Our licensed team specializes in servicing, repairs and installation.


Upgrade your pipes today with the latest pipe technology to keep your home safe. Its quick and easy for our team of professionals to help you. Even if you have an older home with aged pipes, we can help update your gas connections.


Get your great Aussie barbecues cooking faster with natural gas. We can install an external gas point which is solely dedicated to your barbecue. Our team ensures that it is done correctly and safely, so you can enjoy your outdoor cooking straight away.


Hot water is one of the most important things you need in your home. Gas hot water systems are consistent and heat up faster. You have a variety of options to choose from when it comes to gas hot water, Sewer Surgeon can help find you the right system to meet your needs.

Our team at Sewer Surgeon are fully licensed to run your gas installations and services. Safety and quality work is our priority. We have years of experience in gas fitting and we understand the dangers of work that is not done properly. Our gas work is guaranteed and we are compliant as required by gas authority.

Contact Sewer Surgeon today on 1300 734 677 for all of your gas needs.

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