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Blocked Drains

Blocked drains and fixtures are a common occurrence in many homes, whether new or old. They can be caused by debris and leaves after high rain levels, items such as hair and toys becoming wedged down in the drain or tree roots damaging the drain. A drain pressure cleaner is an effective way to help resolve your blocked drains, ensuring they do not cause overflow or damage to your home.

Common Causes of Blocked Drains

  • Expansion and contraction due to wet and dry weather
  • Leaking rubber seals from terracotta pipe work
  • Joints not glued correctly
  • Movement in the ground
  • Movement of house foundations
  • Tree growth (large contributor for dislocation)

The main drain is that portion of a sewerage service on a private property that is normally located in the ground, which conveys or is intended to convey the discharge from all fixtures to the sewer.

At Sewer Surgeon we have experienced and qualified plumbers and the latest technology that is a high pressure water drain cleaner to clear your blocked drain efficiently. We also have a drain camera to check problems deep in the drain. This is very effective when a drain has been damaged with tree roots or age. Sewer Surgeon can review the damage and come up with the most effective plan to fix the problem.

How We Fix Blocked Drains


The Sewer Surgeon plumbing team Sydney use modern technology to ensure that the highest standards of work are always achieved. During drainage investigations, we use locating equipment to pinpoint drainage problems above the ground to avoid unnecessary digging, reduce time and mess, and save you money.


Along with the locating equipment, we use a CCTV camera. The combination of the two reduces any guessing factor. A surgeon wouldn’t go into an operating theatre without seeing exactly what he or she was doing. That’s why, in the same way, we always recommend a camera be used during drainage diagnosis.

Removing the Blockage

Once diagnosed, we can go about rectifying the problem. If necessary, we can use high-pressure water-blasting equipment, up to 5000 psi, to ensure your drains or stormwater are cleared of the debris that may be causing the problem.


After clearing out the blockages and pipes have been cleaned, our plumbers will run the CCTV camera through the line again, to ensure that the drain is completely clean. We can also provide you with a recording of the camera inspection for you to keep. Giving you complete peace of mind


With current state of the art technology, our technicians at Sewer Surgeon can accurately mark the location of sub-surface infrastructure as well as provide sub-surface imaging and reports. This will help offer you a non-destructive and safe location methods prior to excavation or renovation; fast, accurate, and reliable results; reduced risks; and long term cost savings. Keep in mind that clearing blocked drains may not mean it cannot happen again. Our plumbers will provide you with honest, professional advice moving forward to keep your family safe. We can provide a free health check of your properties plumbing with every job.

If you are experiencing difficulty draining your sink, basin, bath or shower, call Sewer Surgeon today on 1300 734 677. Our plumbers are experts in drainage solutions.

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