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Pipe Relining

The traditional way of repairing old and damaged pipes can be quite daunting and expensive. In many cases you would need to dig up lawns, driveways and even flooring inside your home. These things wouldn’t also damage your home, they would damage your wallet too! Thanks to new state of the art technology, we can now repair old and damaged pipes with little to no disruptions, saving you time, hassle and money.

What is Pipe Relining?

Essentially, pipe relining is creating a new pipe within the already existing pipe. It is a system that allows sections of damaged pipe to be repaired physically without replacing the pipe, a reline can replace cracked pipes, broken pipes and drains filled with tree roots, without having to dig it up.

How does Pipe Relining Work?

Pipe relining involves using the existing pipes that are in your home – in the case of a damaged pipe, it is lined with a new pipe lining internally, this way, it makes the pipe work as if it were a brand new pipe, without the hassle of having to dig it up and replace the whole thing.

  • Stage 1: Unblocking the Pipe
  • We remove the blockage from the drain using a high pressure jet blaster, which cuts through any materials blocking the drain, including tree roots.

    • Stage 2: Inspecting the Pipe:
    • To ensure that the pipe is completely clear from any blockage, we inspect it with a state of the art CCTV Inspection Camera that we run through the piping.

      • Stage 3: Inserting the Pipe Reline
      • The pipe reline is then intricately placed into the damaged section pipe and left to set.

        • Stage 4: Completion
        • After 2-4 hours the resin cures and sets in, forming a new hard solid pipe lining inside the the existing damaged pipe

          Advantages of Pipe Relining

          Our technicians at Sewer Surgeon only use the best technology when it comes to Pipe Relining. We utilize Drainco’s Pipe Doctor innovative system, which is Sydney Water approved and offers considerable benefits to the user:

          • Quick and easy to use no dig application, (little to no disruption)
          • Cures in the presence of water
          • Permanent and watertight pipe repair
          • Environmentally and ecologically friendly
          • Cured resin is non-flammable, non-hazardous and odourless.
          • Tested to WRc and international standards and Sydney Water approved
          • Cured product has been water jet tested to 8000kpa
          • Excellent chemical resistance
          • Negligible shrinkage to a maximum of only 0.06%
          • Complements existing drain cleaning and CCTV inspection equipment
          • Suitable for use in confined spaces


          • A German Government test house DBT has tested the Pipe Doctor and a guarantee lifespan is 50 years. Materials guarantee and projected lifespan were established using the standard Fernco Pipe Doctor Installation process and equipment.


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